Save Home Center Inc. offers the best Vinyl Windows, Front and Patio Doors as well as Installation Services. Our main goal is to be sure of providing the best products and services in order to help you to make major improvements in your livelihood. To see our complete list of products, please follow links below

Windows (Vinyl-Pro)

Vinyl Windows

We offer our best Vinyl Windows and installation services. To find out more about various options please follow the link.

Front Entry Door Systems

Fiberglass Doors

We offer the beauty of a traditional wood door with the added strength, quality and durability of fiberglass. A more economical option than wood doors, fiberglass doors can be customized with different panel, glass and color options. Ideal for any entrance, fiberglass doors can add character to any home while increasing curb appeal.

Steel Doors

Steel Doors are ideal for any entrance and can enhance the overall curb appeal of any home. They can be customized with a variety of different panel, glass and color options making your home unique to your own personal taste. Steel doors are used for many different application types but whether they are for your main entrance or a side door, they can lower energy costs while increasing aesthetic appeal.


Patio Doors

All of our patio doors are designed and constructed to ensure the same comfortable room temperature throughout the year, while also helping to reduce your energy cost. Our Patio Doors provide you with the highest security level available.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding Patio Doors value-priced series starts with the most advanced vinyl. A high-grade resin unmatched for strength, weight reduction and freedom from wear – it will not rot, rust, pit or blister over long periods of time.

French and Garden Doors

French and Garden Doors are reliable, efficient and offer superior air- tightness. Our Garden Doors provide maximum lighting inside your home. With an impressive variety of door windows, glass styles and sizes, our Garden Doors complement any home.

French and Garden Doors are available with two screen systems: double sliding screens or full opening hinged screens that allow for a double venting operation for maximum airflow. Create an inspired passage between your indoor and outdoor spaces, while also brightening your home with natural sunlight.

Glass Inserts

Are you considering upgrading your front entrance and having trouble choosing between a Wrought Iron and Decorative Stained Glass Door Insert?

Wrought Iron Glass Door Insert

Each wrought iron insert consists of an iron grill sealed between two glass layers. The outer layer is always clear glass, the inner layer can be different type of glass, depending on your privacy requirements.

Our Wrought Iron Glass Door Insert are made from the finest Canadian materials, they are unmatched in security, style and quality and last for years to come.

Decorative Stained Glass Door Insert

Decorative Stained Glass Door Inserts are considered “semi-private” which means that people would be able to see inside your home through pieces of beveled glass in the design. Some of our Decorative Glass models have accents of stained glass, which makes the design slightly more private, but still not considered to be full privacy.